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DSK OranZe - Hybrid Vst Plugin

Price: Free

free analog vst


- 2 OSC, 135 waveforms
- Phase mod.
- Amp. envelope
- Octave selector and microtuning
- 2 multi-mode Filter
- 2 LFO's with 5 waveforms
- 1 extra LFO, with waveforms
- LFO Routing Matrix
- Note sequencer (32 steps)
- Gate Sequencer (16 steps)
- Light delay effect
- Midi automation
- Velocity response
- Preset manager
- Preset and step seq. "one click generator"(random)
- User can edit waveforms whit mouse drag

analog vst analog vst ---- ----
download1.5 mb
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Hymov Sample Packs
Ultra Moog Bass Collection
keyboard sample packThis pack contains 60 single shot bass samples including pitch down /pitch upthat will lift your break downs to thecraziest heights. it's one kind source of blowing up subs, filthy bassdrones and obese analogic warmth tones!
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Spark FX Loops
house fx samplesIt hasawesome drops, useful transitions, Sweep down & UP, stunningsoundscapes and unforgettable LFO FX sounds.
Thegreat thing about ‘spark FX Loops’ is all the fx samplesare suited tojust about every genre out there..
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Lightning FX Sounds
dark sound effectsTheseFX is an essential tailor made sound bank of breakdowns,transitions,reverses, soundscapes and Sweep down & rises that addthat importantdrama and flow tempo in most best trance & housemusicproductions.
Download / View
Glitch Flare Samples
glitch sound effectsWhateveryou produce, 4 - 4, cinematics, dubstep, or anythingdowntempo andeverything in between, this will add an excellenthypnotist rhythm with abig energy to your beats. inside the pack you got 80 loops, imagine what you can do with this big selection..
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Percussion Glitch - Vol 3
v station presetsHymov loops are back with Vol.3 of one of the most exciting andinspirational collections - "Glitch Samples"! it's a beautiful stimulantrate of brokenbeats with plenty versatility...
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Bell Emotions Samples
bell sample packMeet the "bell emotions samples" it's an exiting essential collectioncontains 83 samples in Wav formats 32 bit. It'scomes with 3 differentbell sounds. Which each filled with 28 samples
Download / View
Minimal Percussion - Vol 3
bell sample pack Especially designed for producers such as: ambient, techno, hiphop, breakbeat, psy chill, dub, electro, minimal house music andmore that associated with minimal music production and electronic beats.. this collection comes with 100 samples.

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Percussion Glitch - Vol 2
bell sample packThis pack contains 50 one shots samples. it is recorded at 32 bit. it was built and designed in thought to create a neworiginal samples for lovers of glitch sounds and perfect for IDM projects and more. unlike the first glitch pack, this recorded in low tones and has a longer time loop.
Download / View

Ambient Pad - Vol 2

bell sample packthe pack is characterized by atmosphere background sounds including dark pads, some of the pads designed with distorsion effect which makethe selection to more versatile. it can be perfect and useful especially for ambientsounds. but not only, pad samples suitable also psy music and background sounds..
Download / View

Electronic FX - Vol 2

bell sample packthis collection includes mechanical sounds that changing throughout the playing. inside the samples you can find also: space fx, voice fx, guitar fx, and the most of the samples are electronic fx style.
Download / View

Ambient Loops - Col 3

bell sample packRunning from 120bpm. Inside the package - features: ambient sineleadsynth, ambient pad, ambient key, ambient bell, ambient bass. loops running from 120bpm for all 100 audio samples
Download / View

Minimal Perc - Vol 2

bell sample pack Containing 50 percussion samples in Wav format.suitablefor house, club trance, trance goa, breakbeat, chillout,lounge,trip hop, ambient and more.. all recorded without any effects so youcan have more control over the sound source.
Download / View

V-Station Tirex Sound Bank

download / view
We are proud to present the "V-Station-Ti-Rex" Sound Bank covering amass of Music Styles. this Collction will fit perfectly in any ModernProducer Sound library.

rangingfrom deep Sounds of Ambient to rapidrhythms ofTrance
as well asincludes bunch of respected Sounds for Dubstep, House, Electro,and many more others.
inside the package you got 1000 Soundsetsfeature - Leads, Basses, fantastic Soundscapes, Synths,dramaticPads, crazy Arpeggiators, Textures, Transitions, HypnoticBackgrounds,Keys, Bells, Sound Fx, plucked instruments and moreadditionalSounds.

128 Crystal Bank 3

download / view
Moving forward with part three of Crystal VSTi custom presets. Anotherbank of 128 patches, again made by sound designer: "GeoSuPhat".

Toinstall the bank just unzip the folder and place the fxb file in yourCrystal banks folder within your vstplugins directory.

this presets pack originally from: "Togeo Studios" and it's just one of the many things "Togeo Studios" has to offer.

Oatmeal Bank 1

download / view
GeoSuPhat, who uses the excellent free softsynth Oatmeal VST fromFuzzpilz that we wrote about last week, has provided us with a free bankof 64 presets to make available for download.

The presets were created using the randomise feature of the Oatmealinterface, to show just how versatile the generator actually is. A veryhigh percentage of the patches created by Oatmeal were usable right outof the box. This bank of 64 are the ones GeoSuPhat chose to pass on toyou.

150 V Station Presets For Cubase

download / view
We are proud to present the biggest presets packs for trance & house electronic production.
most of the soundsets on the package are: lead, synth, bass, arpeggiator and fx sounds. there are some great acid patches also.

this pack is inspiredby contemporary leadsynth style associated with trance and houseindustry today.
it's suitable for range of sub trancecategories such as: europe trance,club trance, progressive trance.this V station soundsets pack includes 150 patches that can run for more other genres such as: dubstep, electro and more.

Progressive House Bank vol.1

download / view
Nick Moritz is a music producter and remixer (New Pop, House, Hip-Hop, RNB, Chill-out);
alsosound designer at Rado Records (presets for VST plug-ins, effects,drums, loops etc.)
the current Collection by him is useful mainly for house genres and similar for this vibe.
on this Zebra presets you got: 35 basses, 21 keys, 9 leads, 9 poly synths, 9 seq, and small part of pads and fx sounds. used Zebra v2.3.3